Security & Safety Solutions
Our organisation provides highly reliable, high quality and world-class security and safety solutions to meet our clients’ requirements. This is because; security of lives and property is a great challenge facing individuals, corporate bodies and governments all over the globe. Our solutions and products are: Biometric Access control systems. Biometric time and attendance access control read more
Software Solutions (Mobile Application)

We provide cutting-edge, high quality and anticipatory applications (desktop & mobile) to help organisations to be top players in their industries.

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Systems Quality Assurance & Software Testing

Raoatech offers quality assurance and software testing services and has provided quality testing services to both private and public organisations.

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Robotics Training for Educational Institutions

Our company offers practical-oriental, introductory trainings to educational institutions’ students on Robotics. The training is meant to introduce the students to careers in science and technology and to the culture of inventing, creating and making.

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Procurement of Communication/ Automation Devices

We supply mobile devices, computer machinery and software that are used to digitally create, collect, store, manipulate, and relay office information needed for accomplishing basic tasks

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Power System

We supply inverters, batteries and other accessories.We also do installation of the inverters across the country

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